Dear friends of microsyringes,

SETonic GmbH was founded by Dipl. Ing. (FH) Heinz Ewald  in 2015. You may remember Heinz Ewald as pioneer of the microsyringes production in Germany. As co-founder and former head of  ILS Innovative Laborsysteme GmbH he is backed up with more then 30 years of experience in custom microsyringe engineering.
Many years of experience have given Robert Schultheiß, expert in microsyringes, the opportunity to start with the SETonic GmbH.
Experienced tool maker, experts in glass and material scientists complete our team. We are based in Ilmenau, Germany. Our staff of young ambitous engineers is working hand in hand with the technical university to fulfill highest standards of our products.
Our home shrinked Borosilicat 3.3 glass is the perfect choice for your application. We provide OEM solutions as well as basic syringe lines for commercially liquid pump dilutors like Tecan, TriContinent, Gilson, Cetoni and many more....
As experts in chromatography syringes we are proud to introduce the SETonic® syringes for CTC PAL2 & PAL 3 Smart autosampler in Europe.

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Investments to start a business. Acquisition of new machines
and equipment as well as intangible assets for the company.


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We look forward to a successful co-operation with you.

Heinz Ewald, President               Robert Schultheiß, President