PAL System Consumables

  • PAL 3 Series 2 & 3 Smart Syringes
  • Custom SETonic CTC PAL2 & 3 Syringes
  • SETonic Headspace Syringes with heat-resistant seal
  • SETonic® and SETonic® Gold Syringes
  • VALCO and Rheodyne Valves, Rotors and Loops
  • Vials and Caps
RTC Syringe Holder
Analytical laboratory customers demand reliability and availability for the products complimenting theirhigh throughput PAL autosampling systems .SETonic now offers a full host of consumable and small parts.If you are currently working with a CTC Autosampler, we offer a complete line of small parts and consumablesto meet your needs. Our products are of the highest quality from premier manufacturers in our industry.We are confident SETonic GmbH products, services and prices will continue to exceed your expectations.