DLW Parts

SETonic proudly introduces syringes for use in the CTC Autosampler with the Dynamic Load &
Wash option (DLW). The L-MARK DLW Syringes have been optimized to provide superior performance
during instrument operation and address issues experienced with competitive products
including syringe leaking, carryover and plunger wear.

100µl DLW Syringe

LMK.2620740 with deformation resistant PCTFE Insert and PTFE NUB Seal

P/N Description
LMK.2620080-BL SYR 1,0ml PTFE-NUB DLW
LMK.2620735 SYR 100µl PTFE DLW
LMK.2620735-BL SYR 100µl PTFE NUB DLW
LMK.2620740 SYR 100µl PTFE DLW PCTFE Insert
LMK.2620835-BL SYR 250µl PTFE NUB DLW
LMK.2620935-BL SYR 500µl PTFE NUB DLW
LMK.2636735 Replacement Plunger 100µl PTFE DLW – 6 Pack
LMK.2636735-BL Replacement Plunger 100µl PTFE NUB DLW - 6 Pack
LMK.2636835-BL Replacement Plunger 250µl PTFE NUB DLW - 6 Pack
LMK.2636935-BL Replacement Plunger 500µl PTFE NUB DLW - 6 Pack
LMK.2636086-BL Replacement Plunger 1,0ml PTFE NUB DLW - 6 Pack


Titanium Plunger PTFE: Virginal PTFE PTFE NUB: PTFE Compount

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